About Immvira

Immvira Mission

To develop a broad range of anti-cancer therapies based on genetically engineered viruses and augmented by cancer specific immune factors or chemotherapeutic agents that can be delivered intratumorally or systemically.

Foundation of Immvira

Immvira was founded in Shenzhen China in May of 2015 by Prof. Bernard Roizman of University of Chicago and Prof. Grace Zhou formerly a Research Associate Professor at University of Chicago, Prof. Thomas Shenk of Princeton University, Prof. Richard Whitley of University of Alabama, Prof. Ralph Weichselbaum of University of Chicago.



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  • Co-founders of Immvira

    Contributions by co-founders to the scientific background of Immvira

  •   The first to develop the technology for genetically engineering recombinant oncolytic herpes simplex viruses (oHSV)
  •   The first to construct an oHSV virus suitable for cancer treatment
  •   The first to conduct oHSV clinical trials
  •   The first to show that low doses of IR significantly enhance therapeutic outcome
  •   The first to incorporate cytokines into oHSV to enhance therapeutic outcome
  •   The first to construct retargeted viruses: the basis of personalized tumor therapy
  •   Extensive industrial experience including service on Boards of major companies
  •   Published the structure of the virus ultimately adapted as ImlygicTM (T-VEC, Amgen)
  • Grace Zhou Ph.D


    Bernard Roizman Sc.D

    Chair of BOD


    Immvira History

    Immvira Co., Limited was launched by US founders in Shenzhen China in May 2015. In September 2016, the company raised Round-A venture capital and is raising Round-A+ venture capital in the Fall of 2018. Immvira plans to initiate Phase 1 clinical trials in Australia in November 2018. Immvira plans to submit INDs in USA and China in November of 2019.

    Immvira's Scientific Goals

    Immvira’s scientific objectives are based on numerous experimental designs of oHSV and outcomes of clinical trials. On the basis of extensive experience it is the intent of Immvira scientists to construct an oHSV that consists of 2 elements:

    The first is a genetically engineered “backbone” virus consisting solely of viral genes. The backbone virus must be safe for administration by injection intratumorally or systemically to target tumors inaccessible by direct injection The backbone virus must be genetically stable. Moreover its genome must have space to allow insertion of additional non viral genes.

    The second element consists of non viral genes inserted into the backbone virus to augment its potency as an anti-cancer agent. The genes inserted into the Immvira backbone virus have two objectives: to stimulate the immune system to target cancer cells as cells ‘foreign to the body and to insure that the unleashed immune therapies are not blocked by cancer cell defenses.

    Immvira’s series T3 oHSV meet these objectives.

    Mechanisms of oHSV

    Innate immunity is frequently compromised In cancer cells. oHSV takes advantage of differences in innate immune response. 0n injection into tumor mass it preferentially replicates in cancer cells.
    oHSV induces immunogenic cancer cell death to be recognized by immune system.
    Cytokines released by infected cells induced an immune response to the uninfected tumor cells and destroyed them.
    oHSV could be repeated many times without loss of Effectiveness.

    Development of an oHSV platform for treatment a wide variety of human tumors.

    In the course of tests conducted on a wide range of human tumors we have identified a small number of tumors that are resistant to our oHSV. Analyses of these tumors revealed that they share a common restrictive factor that blocks the oHSV from effectively expressing its genes. The number of resistant tumors analyzed to date is small and future studies may reveal additional restrictive factors. Current plan are to develop auxiliary immunotherapeutic molecules to be delivered to the tumors concurrently with the oHSV and which would render the tumors permissive.

    Immvira Product Development

    Product lines

    Product line-01:

  •   oHSV encoding IL12 and anti-PD-1Ab (T3) is designed to be administered by direct injection into the tumor mass. In murine tests it is more potent and would be expected to lack the toxicity associated with the systemic administration of immunomodulators alone. Product line 1 is expected to enter clinical trials in January of 2019.

  • Product line-02:

  •   oHSVs designed for systemic delivery to target metastatic tumors or tumors inaccessible by direct injection. The oHSV are undergoing extensive tests in animal models.

  • Product line-03:

  •   Auxiliary therapies designed to be administered intratumoraly concurrent with oHSVs to enhance the oncolytic activity of the oHSV. Some of the auxiliary therapeutic agents are undergoing preclinical evaluation.

  • Product line-04:

  •   To meet a pressing need, Immvira is in a process of constructing oHSV T5, a oHSV designed specifically for the treatment of glioblastoma multiform.
  • Product line-05:

  •   Genetically engineered oHSV designed to infect tumor cells bearing unique receptors on their surface. The re- targeted oHSV cannot infect normal cells. The Immvira scientists have constructed the first retargeted oHSV.

  • The key features of the Immvira product lines

  •   Express key immunomodulators
  •   Can be used with immunomodulators delivered systemically
  •   Can be used for systemic delivery to metastatic tumors
  •   Designed to infect solely targeted cancer cells

  • Drug Formulation

    Currently oHSV must be shipped from production to the operating table in containers maintaining the oHSV at -80℃. Immvira has developed protocols for oHSV storage in environments commonly found in hospital facilities.


    Immvira is actively recruiting qualified scientists and supporting personnel

    What we offer:

  •   Competitive compensation
  •   Professional training and career development
  •   Pleasant work environment
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